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Libellus is a book organizer / manager software with key points: Very intuitive user interface, smal
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Libellus is a book organizer / manager software.
Very intuitive user interface, small, and fast are the key points of Libellus.

Some features of Libellus :

Organize / Manage :
1. Book
2. Author
3. Publisher
4. Category
5. Favourite
6. Wishlist
Search :
1. Title
3. Author
4. Publisher
5. Category
Print book list
Export book list :
1. CSV

Check out Libellus' new outstanding features:
Browse book information on the internet
Import book from the internet
Add book to wishlist from the internet
View what others say about a book
Buy book

Another great aspect of Libellus that is worth to mention is that Libellus is a greenware, which means you only need to copy the program and the database to your chosen folder and run it. No additional file is needed! So you can be sure you only put recognized files to your computer and say no to hidden files that you don't even know when it's being "injected" to your computer.

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